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Promising Practices Conference on Community Health

Engaging Communities Around Health and Wellness in Louisiana
Online and on-site at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana
on Friday, June 2 from 8:00am-5:00pm
*Registration for the preconference workshop and conference has closed.

The Promising Practices Conference is part of a greater community outreach and engagement program coordinated by the Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC)'s newly created Office of Community Outreach and Engagement (OCOE).  The Conference represents a key step in the OCOE's mission of engaging with Louisiana communities in order to improve health and wellness across the state. It also represents a model of OCOE collaboration with educational institutions and other local organizations to share information on health and wellness at a community level and across different communities within Louisiana.

The theme of this inaugural Conference will be building effective community partnerships around topics of health and wellness throughout the state of Louisiana. The Conference will focus on identifying effective strategies, best practices, and informational resources for creating successful collaborations between healthcare providers, public health professionals, and the communities they serve.

A primary goal of the Conference is to share experiences and expertise in order to establish connections that can improve health and wellness in different communities across Louisiana. Speakers will include representatives of different research, non-profit, educational, and community organizations from across the state, and Conferences sessions will focus on participant discussion and information sharing as well as exploring collaborations to benefit community health and wellness.

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